Our major cause ?

To participate, at our humble level, in the safeguard of an endangered animal, the KOALA. We wish to help to finance associations that work towards this goal.


A generous act! Thanks a lot! All the money will go to the cause! In order to finance several associations and to finance the development of this project 💪

Shop for KOALAS

On this page, you can shop clothes which show our SOS KOALA LOGO. You therefore became ambassador for the KOALA CAUSE. And when you buy on our site, you can be sure that part of your money will really help KOALAS!

Share the LOVE

You can help! If you find our concept and our cause cool, feel free to talk about us around you!


We all imagine the KOALAS as happy living, smart, beautiful animals. Just like a cat, a dog or a giraffe...

Let's help KOALAS!!! Because the KOALA CAUSE is an urgency! They are many emergencies. And may this projcet also help othor causes in the most soon futur ^^


Wear clothes for a good cause! Thanks in advance for KOALAS!

3 associations we support

We think that supporting different associations is important. And so we do! Here are below 3 associations that we want to support!

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The Australian Koala Foundation

"The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is the principal non-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to the effective management and conservation of the Koala and its habitat".

Objective: $2500

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The WWF!

"The koala is one of the world’s most iconic animal species – right up there with the panda, tiger, elephant, dolphin, and polar bear. And they're found nowhere else in the world but Australia"!

Objective: $3500

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And WHY NOT also support GIRAFFES ?

As we said, we think that we need KOALOAS as we also need OTHER ANIMALS! And believe us giraffes (in Africa and in this case in Nigeria) also need help. Therfore, please also support this project https://girafonbleu.com.

Objective: $2500